Dr. Terrance B. Calloway

Dr.Terrance B. Calloway is the Pastor and Founder of the New Life Cathedral Church in Jacksonville Florida 2 campuses. He holds a BA in Business, MBA, Mdiv, 2 Ph.D. S one in organizational leadership and the other in Theology.
Dr. Calloway is known as the Bishop of Theology and is a skillful craftsman in the theological, linguistical, and hermeneutical studies. Being a seasoned church planter, He heralds spiritual formation and post-modern evangelism for the 21st century. Transformational ministry in the market place and global expansion is the approach he believes will revolutionize Christendom. Dr. Calloway is a skilled craftsman in church revitalization having developed economic development projects to include the opening of daycare centers and private schools, providing affordable housing and other Venture Capital to provide residual income to finance ministry endeavors. Transformational ministry in the market place and global expansion is the approach he believes will revolutionize Christendom.

With over 20 years of Ministry experience, Dr. Calloway brings balance to an ever-changing culture in Christendom and marketplace ministry. He is a highly sought out church consultant and entrepreneurial advisor. His didactic but yet encouraging messages, permeates the mind with the possibility of change. The infamous quote “If you can get a man’s mind to change, then his actions will change” has been an instant drawing tool of Dr. Calloway. His intellectual, hermeneutical scriptural approach stimulates the intellect of people on all levels of life which definitely crosses denominational and social lines. Dr. Calloway’s ability to preach and teach from a psychological-theological approach has strengthened and encouraged the faith of people across the country. He has appeared as a special guest on TBN and The Impact Network. With his ever trendsetting techniques, Dr.Calloway has founded four private schools in the last four years grade K-12 the latest being in Atlanta and South Georgia. His latest church plant The New Millennium Church in Atlanta Georgia opened its doors June 2016. He was led of the Lord to move all the Corporate operations of the ministry to Atlanta. After 20 years of coastal ministry in Florida, the Lord mandated a mega shift in Dr.Calloway’s status by relocating him to Atlanta with many others that felt lead to follow the leading of the Lord. With much prayer and support of many leaders as well as covenant partners the ministry is now on the run way ready for take off. Atlanta is believably an awesome place for a New Millennium.